Perks + Things That Are Awesome (about working at Jolly)

  • Generous equity compensation with huge financial upside
  • Top-of-market cash compensation
  • Top-of-market healthcare coverage
  • The coolest, most fun projects in the world
  • Small, elite team where everyone has a huge impact
  • The best, smartest, nicest people you’ll ever meet in your entire life
  • A self-perfecting culture that obsesses over creativity, health, and happiness
  • Zero Crunch Policy
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Who We Are + Why We’re Here

Jolly is a new games company started by the founders + creators behind a host of award-winning games franchises: from Age of Empires to Words With Friends. We led the charge in the mobile gaming revolution by making beloved games that brought the world together. We created 100 million new gamers out of people who had never played games before in their lives. It was awesome and humbling.

We’re starting a new revolution. We’re created a mecca of game development in Austin, with world-class people, culture, and compensation. We are inventing a series of amazing new games on a host of diverse platforms.

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